We are installing a smart tomorrow with Elenia

400,000 Elenia customers to have smart new-generation electricity meters

Voimatel will install smart new-generation electricity meters for 400,000 customers of Elenia. The renewal project of the electricity meters covers Elenia’s entire network area and will continue until early 2025. Most of the meters in use now are reaching the end of their life cycle. The concurrent energy transition requires the renewal of the electricity system.

The project is extensive, because meters will be replaced in the area of approx. 100 municipalities. The installation of the new meters will begin in September in the regions of Pirkanmaa and South Ostrobothnia. The new smart electricity meters are supplied by the Finnish company Aidon Oy, with the telecommunications operator Elisa serving as its partner.

“This is a sizeable project for Voimatel, involving not only our installers but also professionals in project management, planning, work supervision, customer service, ICT systems and reporting. The project will keep our personnel busy for years. We are proud to be among the first to build the next generation of smart electricity consumption metering and to install a smart tomorrow,” says Timo Rask, CEO of Voimatel.

”We have prepared this reform carefully. Among other things, we carried out a test project where about 80 of our customers received new smart meters that allowed their electrical equipment to be managed flexibly at different times. We received positive feedback from the customers who participated in the pilot and the flexibility of consumption did not affect their everyday life and living comfort,” explains Tapani Liuhala, CEO  of Elenia.

Collaboration in renewing the electricity system to promote the energy transition by smart technology

An increasing volume of electricity is produced by solar and wind power so as to control the climate change, meaning that variations in weather conditions have an impact on the volume of electricity generated. Electricity consumption will rise as fossil fuels are being replaced by electricity, and at the same time there is a greater need to balance electricity production and consumption.

Electric cars are becoming more and more common, as are solar power plants in homes and other properties, which creates new types of energy communities. All this needs support from the latest technology solutions in a smart electricity network and in the efforts of all of us energy users. These energy solutions enhance energy efficiency and security of supply, and also curb climate change and reduce the use of fossil fuels.

“It is great to be involved in renewing electricity metering. In this way, we are contributing to the building of a more carbon neutral society in this significant project as a partner of Elenia,” says Timo Rask.

“The new energy technology enables the monitoring and control of energy use. This gives highly real-time data, which is used for controlling and optimising the entire energy systems and its parts. We have extensive experience in the design, data communications, installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance and project management of energy solutions. We are executing energy systems related to solar power, charging of electric cars and improved energy efficiency in a number of projects. OptiWatti’s technology and services, which are part of Voimatel’s service range, enable the provision of services that support the renewal of the energy system,” Timo Rask adds.


More information: 
Timo Rask, CEO, Voimatel, tel. +358 50 361 9246
Tapani Liuhala, CEO, Elenia, tel. +358 400 331 130
Tommi Blomberg, CEO, Aidon, +358 40 642 8185
Eetu Prieur, Director of Mobile Solutions, Elisa +358 50 506 5313



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