Caruna safety award to Voimatel Oy´s contractor Maanrakennus Ohtamaa Oy

For the fourth time, Caruna has awarded its contractors and subcontractors for outstanding contributions to occupational safety. This year’s award criteria emphasised safety attitude and reliable partnership.

The award was given to three outstanding partners. In addition to Maanrakennus Ohtamaa Oy, the prizes were awarded to Koneurakointi Kivistö Oy and ELTEL Networks Oy’s electrician team.

“Our goal at Caruna is to prevent all accidents, both physical and mental. All three award recipients have demonstrated a fine example of an excellent safety attitude. The attitude is right on target on the work sites and safety is part of everyday work,” says Tomi Yli-Kyyny, CEO of Caruna.

This year, the first award was presented to Voimatel Oy´s contractor Maanrakennus Ohtamaa Oy from Oulu. Maanrakennus Ohtamaa earns special praise for cabling work, which is performed carefully and neatly. Also foundations for substations are executed in a manner requiring no straightening afterwards.

“Safety and quality go hand in hand and are not mutually exclusive. When work is planned and executed safely, it also enables achieving a high-quality outcome,” says Timo Lehto, CEO of Maanrakennus Ohtamaa.

“Safety is important to Caruna and we do not compromise it. We actively follow the level of occupational safety and organise regular safety trainings for our own personnel, contractors and subcontractors. Each of us must be able to return home safe and sound after a day’s work,” concludes Piia Häkkinen, HSE Manager at Caruna.

The safety award is a recognition given since 2015 to promote occupational safety. Its goal is to share good safety practices within the cooperation network and to challenge Caruna’s entire supply chain to take part in safety work. The first award of 2018 is EUR 6,000, the second award is EUR 2,000, and the third award is EUR 1,000. The prize money is intended to be used for activities that maintain or develop safety.

Further information:

Caruna, Arsi Näkki, tel. +358 40 735 8287 and Piia Häkkinen tel. +358 40 709 5213
Maanrakennus Ohtamaa Oy, Timo Lehto, tel. +358 40 578 1867
Voimatel Oy, Jari Uutinen tel. +358 447939692, Jari Nurmenrinta tel. +358 447930308 and Pasi S Karppinen tel.+358 447938468