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You can reach our staff in Finland and Estonia.

Service centre

Private customers 8.00-16.00

tel. +358 (0)440 400 415

  • customer assistance
  • customer billing
  • work instruction coordination

Control room

Collaboration customers 24h
tel. +358 (0)440 400 401

  • coordination of repairs
  • cable detection
  • emergency cable detection


Boftel (Voimatel´s subsidiary)

  • Office is located in Estonia, Tallinn.
  • Its activities reach the Nordic countries, the Baltic countries, Western and Eastern Europe including Russia.
  • Services cover the entire sphere of telecom network management, from the operations and maintenance to planning, optimization and implementation services.

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  • Contact information

    Head office
    Kapteeninväylä 5
    70900 Toivala, Finland

    Switchboard: +358 (0)290 222 111
    Fax:  +358 (0)290 222 900


    Invoicing address:
    P.O. Box 8191, 02066 DOCUSCAN, Finland

    Business identity code: 1703917-1




    Contact our sales team


    Electricity networks services
    Petri Lehikoinen
    petri.lehikoinen(at) | 044 7939735

    Jarmo Nihtinen
    jarmo.nihtinen(at) | 044 7939924

    Sami Kervinen
    sami.kervinen(at) | 044 7939844

    Jari Uutinen
    jari.uutinen(at) | 044 7939692

    Substation and industrial services
    Olavi Hyry
    olavi.hyry(at) | +358 (0)50 5533116

    Tuomo Neuvonen
    tuomo.neuvonen(at) | +358 (0)40 0555124

    Transmission network services
    Olavi Hyry
    olavi.hyry(at) | 050 5533116

    Data networks services

    Riku Koivula
    riku.koivula(at) | 044 7938831

    Arto Salmela
    arto.salmela(at) | 044 7938800

    Jani Rantanen
    jani.rantanen(at) | 044 7938596

    Jari Keskilohko
    jari.keskilohko(at) | 044 7938832

    Energy systems services
    Harri Smolander
    harri.smolander(at) | +358 (0)44 7939709

    Solar power services
    Arto Kettunen
    arto.kettunen(at) | 044 7938404

    Network operation and control room services
    Robert Martola
    robert.martola(at) | +358 (0)44 7938434

    Boftel (Estonia)
    Märt Keskkula
    mart.keskkula(at) | +372 522 5578

  • Business locations


    Teollisuuskatu 4, 74120 Iisalmi
    Peltisepänpolku 4, 80400 Ylämylly
    Asematie 9-11, 40800 Vaajakoski
    Joukahaisenkatu 6, 67900  KOKKOLA
    Takojantie 9, 48220 Kotka
    Villankuja 3, 45610 Koria
    Sahakatu 1, 70800 Kuopio
    Teollisuustie 6, 93600 Kuusamo
    LAHTI (1)
    Kymijärvenkatu 5, 15300 Lahti
    LAHTI (2)
    Mestarinkatu 21, 15800 LAHTI
    Tullitie 8 A 2, 53500 Lappeenranta
    Rasivainiontie 6, 90440 Kempele
    Isojoenrannantie 89, 28240 Pori
    Sitomokuja 2 , 21200 Raisio
    Sinkokatu 1, 26100 Rauma
    Tehdaskylänkuja 4, 11710 Riihimäki

    Alakorkalontie 28, Halli 2, 96300 Rovaniemi
    Jousipakkaväylä 1, 60100 Seinäjoki
    SIILINJÄRVI (pääkonttori)
    Kapteeninväylä 5, 70900 Toivala
    Mansikkaraitti 7, 77600 Suonenjoki
    Jasperintie 270 C, 33960 Pirkkala
    Kappelimäentie 240, 65380 Vaasa
    Kolamiilunkuja 1, 01730 Vantaa
    Pajamiehentie 3, 78870 Varkaus
    Palkkitie 6, 84100 Ylivieska


    Boftel Estonia OÜ, Harju maakond, Tallinn, Põhja-Tallinna linnaosa, Sõle tn 14, 10611, ESTONIA


  • Billing information

    We primarily accept electronic invoices.

    • Our operator is Ropo Capital Oy (EDI code 003714377140)
    • Our e-invoice ID is (EDI code 003717039171)

    If you are unable to submit electronic invoices, please send your hardcopy invoices to:

    Voimatel Oy, P.O. Box 8191, 02066 DOCUSCAN


    We are currently automating our purchase invoice handling process and bringing it gradually into use. The purchase invoice number is one of the details included in the purchase invoice message. This number must be entered into the Finvoice/InvoiceDetails/OrderIdentifier field (Finvoice version 2.01);


    <OrderIdentifier>Purchase order number</OrderIdentifier>

    • Purchase order numbers are sequential and consist of five or six characters. No extra characters are allowed.
    • In cases where the client has only provided a job order number for the invoice, in place of the purchase order number, then you will have to type TT in front of the job order number, for example: “TT1234”
    • In addition to the purchase order number, or the job order number, the name of the client must be stated on the invoice.
    • For additional information, please contact

    Section 209b of the Value Added Tax contains a list of compulsory details which include:

    • date of issue of the invoice
    • running identifier
    • VAT number (business identity code) of the seller
    • the buyer’s VAT number for cases of reverse tax liability and intra-Community trade.

    Voimatel Oy is, in the meaning referred to in section 8c(1) of the Value Added Tax Act, a business that sells construction services on an other-than-occasional basis. When acting as a buyer, it is therefore liable, as of 1 April 2011, to comply with the legislation on the reverse charge mechanism for VAT in the building industry. Accordingly, any invoices for construction services subject to a reverse tax liability must state “Buyer: business identity code 1703917-1 is liable for payment of VAT”.

    • names and addresses of seller and buyer
    • quantity and nature of the goods sold as well as the extent and nature of the services
    • date on which the goods or services were supplied or the date on which a prepayment was made
    • tax base for tax rates and unit price excluding tax and rebates and discounts (if not included in unit price)
    • tax rate
    • amount of tax to be paid
    • ground for non-payment of tax or reverse tax liability
      (for example, when construction services subject to a reverse tax liability are rendered, any invoices must state “Reverse tax liability as per section 8c of the Value Added Tax Act” and not indicate any VAT amount)
    • a corrected invoice must include a reference to the previous invoice

    For additional information, please contact:

    Anne Tukiainen, Accountant tel. +358 (0)44 793 0215
    Taina Savolainen, Accounting Assistant tel. +358 (0)44 793 9851


    Thank you for your cooperation,