You can reach our staff in Finland and Estonia.

Control room

Collaboration customers 24h
tel. +358 (0)440 400 401

Private customers 8.00-16.00
tel. +358 (0)440 400 401

  • customer assistance
  • work instruction coordination


Please contact us primarily by email.

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Boftel (Voimatel´s subsidiary)

  • Office is located in Estonia, Tallinn.
  • Its activities reach the Nordic countries, the Baltic countries, Western and Eastern Europe.
  • Services cover the entire sphere of telecom network management, from the operations and maintenance to planning, optimization and implementation services.

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OptiWatti (Voimatel´s subsidiary)

  • Office is located in Vantaa.
  • OptiWatti’s patented technology enables smart energy management and optimization solutions from industrial properties to detached houses.
  • OptiWatti can save up to 40% on heating and cooling of industrial properties and households. It is the most effective way to secure a property’s CO2 emissions.

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