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Energy services

Advanced energy efficiency and security of electricity supply



Smart choices are being made now. The development of decentralised energy production, the retail electricity market and smart grid functions mean more opportunities for companies and individual energy users to participate in the operation of the smart energy system.

Millions of energy service devices around the world have been connected to the Internet. The information obtained from these smart devices and the management of the quality of energy and electricity enable us to effectively monitor and control the energy flows of the energy system. This will improve the energy efficiency and security of supply of your property, generate savings through your own operations and contribute to building a sustainable future.

We provide our customers with energy systems that are suitable and proportionate to the operating environment and that guarantee the best return on energy investments. High-quality components and systems guarantee the secure energy system and a controlled life cycle.

We want to co-operate with our customers to build a cleaner and more environmentally friendly tomorrow.


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  • Solar power systems

    Join us to produce clean energy from the sun. We will assist you in choosing the best system by visiting your site to evaluate the situation and plan an optimal solution and financing model for your needs.

    Our extensive experience with solar power systems will help you get the most out of your system. We will also help integrate the solar power system into your property’s energy system.


    Enjoy your investment in carefree solar power – we will implement the system from start to finish on a turnkey basis, and we will also provide maintenance and servicing for your system to achieve the best outcome.


  • Energy service devices

    More data. The monitoring and management of energy enabled by IoT technology provides us with the data we need to control the energy system more efficiently. We have solid experience in the design, data communication, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of energy service equipment as well as related project management.

    With a well-designed energy service device system, we ensure your potential as a future energy sector player and enable the management of energy data on a real-time basis.

    With the help of accurate measurement data, we enable more environmentally friendly choices for energy use and monitoring the security of electricity supply.

  • Electric transportation

    The future is already here. Electric transportation is changing our living environment at an accelerating pace. Our cars, bicycles and the public transportation system of entire cities need electricity, charging stations and hyperchargers. With the help of our electric transportation services, we play our part in achieving the goals of reducing carbon dioxide emissions in road transport. We at Voimatel are very much involved in development – this is something we are good at.

    We design, implement and maintain charging systems for all kinds of needs for energy companies, businesses and housing companies. For energy users, we design, install and connect charging points to house and distribution networks.

    Our maintenance service sees to it that the systems remain available. We ensure the compatibility of our services with our other energy services.

  • Energy storage

    Energy storage has become profitable. By storing energy, you can increase the efficiency of your energy system and be able to operate in a flexible market. Our goal is to optimise the use of energy and make your energy system as profitable as possible. By operating your system, we take care of load balancing and ensure a seamless supply of energy.