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Energy system services

Our extensive knowledge of energy technology enables us to provide first-class services from solar power solutions to remote management of energy service equipment and analysis of energy data. We provide services for the entire lifecycle of the energy system covering the processing of energy data, solar power solutions and electric traffic.

  • Solar power services

    Clean energy from the sun with certified services

    We provide energy companies and other businesses with solar power services, such as delivery, installation and maintenance services as well as data system services. Voimatel’s service model enables energy companies to offer solar power systems and ancillary services to their customers. For other businesses, the service model enables companies to obtain energy-efficient solar power systems as a turnkey project.

    Our data system services enable energy producers to access the production data of solar power systems via a cloud-based solution and ensure system operation during maintenance through real-time monitoring.

    The systems supplied by us consist of high-quality components with a long lifecycle and prior knowledge of estimated energy production.

    The scope of our service operating model can be customized for each energy company and Project.

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  • Energy services

    Smart metering and analysis of obtained data support the business of energy companies

    Our smart metering and control service includes collection of data recorded by measuring instruments and performing desired control operations on devices, such as specific remote-reading tasks and remote management of equipment. The remote-read electric meter, district heating meter and water meter provide cost-effective technology for customer relationship management. Our industrial smart metering service provides tools for monitoring and planning production and maintenance.


    Currently, the main tasks are the collection of consumption and production data for billing and remote control operations.

    In the future, the role of measuring instruments as an actuator in intelligent networks will increase in importance. The on-site status is checked by monitoring the condition of measuring instruments, collecting quality information and tracking alerts. By analysing the collected data, the electricity network can be monitored at different voltage levels and the operation of the energy company can be supported outside office hours.

    The analysis of measurement data helps the failure correction process and ensures the processing of measurement data in accordance with agreed operating models.

    The advanced metering infrastructure is a major investment for companies. Its lifecycle management ensures the best possible use of the investment made and the controlled use of technology to meet changing needs.

    The service covers the management of the measuring instrument’s lifecycle from acquisition to recycling as agreed with the customer. Our extensive measurement technology know-how is available for planning and implementing, for example, the acquisition of technology used in a change situation.

    An electricity balance analysis is performed to ensure the accuracy of information between market participants and enable the management of deviations. Our service includes the management and control of the electricity balance and compensatory calculations made by the distribution network company as well as conveying the balance analysis information to electricity market participants.

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