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Energy system services

Our extensive knowledge of energy technology provides first-class services to optimize energy usage as a comprehensive solution. With these solutions, we help our customers save on energy costs. Our solution can be scaled up step-by-step and adapted to our customers’ changed energy use situation throughout their long systems lifecycle. Our services include energy management, photovoltaic, electricity storage and electrical vehicles charging services.

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  • Solar energy services

    Clean energy from the sun with certified services

    In solar energy services, we provide energy companies and companies with photovoltaic system delivery, installation and maintenance services as well as information system services. With the Voimatel service model, energy companies can provide their customers with photovoltaic systems and related services. Similarly, the company side service business model allows the acquisition of energy-efficient photovoltaic  systems according to the project-delivery model turnkey.


    Information system services enable the visualization of photovoltaic system production data to the energy prosumer through a cloud-based service and ensure the system’s operation during the maintenance phase by real-time remote monitoring.

    The systems we supply consist of high quality components with a long life cycle and a known energy production output.

    The scope of our service model can be agreed upon by energy company and project.

  • Electric vehicle charging services

    Easy charging of electric cars in the long lifetime

    For electric vehicle charging services, we design, implement and maintain charging systems and charging points for electric vehicles. We provide these services to energy companies, companies and housing associations. When designing and implementing solutions, we look for the solution that best suits the customer’s needs and future needs. We will also ensure the compatibility of electric vehicle charging services with our other energy services.



  • Energy storaging services

    Energy usage efficiency with energy storages

    In energy storage services, we optimize energy production and consumption, take care of load balancing and ensure uninterrupted energy supply. Our services cover the planning, implementation and maintenance of energy storage. Our energy storage services open up new business opportunities for our customers, including: energy storage utilization as a power system and retail market regulator.

  • Energy consumption optimization services

    Enhance energy efficiency with automated solutions

    With energy services, we optimize energy usage at the right time with automated solutions. With our service, our customers improve energy efficiency and can influence the cost of energy supply by forecasting and scheduling energy usage at a discounted price without neglecting the need to use it.