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Maintenance services

We install, commission and document data networks, take care of the electricity networks and systems, and utilize the possibilities of remote management in energy systems. We ensure that our services are fully operable throughout their lifecycle. We maintain the condition of substations and industrial electrical systems throughout their lifecycle, ensuring uninterrupted power distribution.

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  • Data networks

    We install, commission and document data networks provided by us or other parties throughout their lifecycle. We install interfaces and network equipment expertly and quickly. We perform cable locating services as well as locate and quickly fix any failures regardless of technology.


    We ensure that our customers’ data networks will stay reliable and provide a high-capacity service and that their customers are satisfied with the service experience. Our logistics and spare part services take care of the storage of our customers’ materials and back-up equipment. Voimatel’s installation and maintenance services ensure a long life for our customers’ networks as well as their reliable availability and competitiveness.


  • Electricity networks

    All technology requires maintenance and service, and even repairs. The reliability of the electricity networks of network operators as well as the customer experience must always stay at an excellent level.

    Our maintenance service ensures uninterrupted 24/7 power transmission and distribution for our customers. Our efficient and high-quality troubleshooting service and supporting data systems minimize transmission and distribution network failures and power outages.

  • Energy systems

    We leverage remote network management and monitoring in the collection of data for individual components and customer solutions as well as for troubleshooting and supervising tasks related to lifecycle management. We collect data to be able to manage customer agreements and provide reporting and controlling functions based on network status. We refine the data to match the business requirements of parties such as the electricity retail market and energy companies.


    Energy systems:

    • Data system services for viewing production data and monitoring operations
    • Technical support
    • Upkeep and maintenance


  • Substation and industrial services

    We maintain the condition of substations and industrial electrical systems throughout their lifecycle, ensuring uninterrupted power distribution. We undertake proactive maintenance for substations and switchgear at all voltage levels from relay testing to thermal imaging. We provide expert service and technical support, regardless of the manufacturer, whenever special expertise is needed in the maintenance, testing, inspection and operation of electricity distribution equipment in the voltage range of 0.4 to 400 kV.


    • Maintenance, repairs and testing of installed equipment
    • Advance maintenance planning, performance of maintenance and condition monitoring
    • Circuit breaker maintenance, repairs and modifications for all models and brands
    • Relay testing and repairs as well as set-up and deployment of new relays
    • Modernisation, extension and deployment of equipment, substations as well as switchgears and control gears
    • Servicing of transformers on site and transformer oil analyses
    • Substation clean-up and disconnector maintenance, including live work up to 110 kV
    • Grounding measurements and repairs
    • Purging gas filling, recovery and quality measurement using the Dilo SF6 Multi-Analyser




    • Opening disconnectors by blowing
    • Thermal imaging
    • Battery replacements, capacity tests and charger maintenance
    • Electrical manager services
    • Repair of transformer pits and equipment foundations