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Planning and design services

We design data and electricity networks and energy systems according to your needs.

  • Data networks

    We design our customers’ networks and network equipment professionally aiming at high usability and a long lifecycle for the network – from fibre, copper and coaxial networks to mobile and transmission networks and from equipment rooms to masts.


    Planning and design services:

    • Site survey – and assessment of the current status
    • Licensing and availability services
    • Logical and physical network design services
    • Network coverage services
    • Documentation services

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    Jari Keskilohko
    jari.keskilohko(at) | +358 (0)44 7938832

  • Electricity networks

    The uninterrupted operation of electricity networks and cost-effective construction are vital for network operators. We use cutting edge mobile tools to design all electricity network segments from production to consumption.



    Our tools enable an optimal structural design matching the terrain profile as well as electronic processing of the material in the network operator’s data systems. The customer receives the design material in the desired format and extent.

    Our services cover feasibility studies with licensing, site planning and electricity and structural designs.

    We also provide a substation design service.

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    Joni Torvinen
    joni.torvinen(at) | +358 (0)44 7930350

  • Energy systems

    For the needs of energy network data collection and control, we provide solutions for choosing and deploying smart meters and network control devices as well as lifecycle management solutions. We develop customized solutions for evolving power systems including solar power, demand flexibility, electric car charging and energy storage in a distributed production environment.

    Solar power and energy systems

    • Customer-specific dimensioning and design of solar power and energy systems
    • Special software used for designing solar power and energy systems
    • Support for investment subsidy applications and licensing processes

    Energy services

    • Optimization/planning of the lifecycle management of measuring instruments
    • Planning installation of measuring instruments
    • Planning and development of energy systems from smart metering to analysis of collected data

    Electric traffic services

    • Design of electric car charging points and their network

    Contact us

    Harri Smolander
    harri.smolander(at) | +358 (0)44 7939709