We are taking active measures to prevent the coronavirus from spreading

All our functions are operating normally at the moment. However, we are constantly monitoring the situation and prepared to react swiftly to any new developments during the epidemic as necessary. At the same time, we are operating in accordance with decisions made by the Government of Finland, observing the instructions and recommendations issued by the authorities. Our primary concern is to safeguard the health and safety of our employees, customers and partners.

– We have intensified our hygiene practices concerning our personnel, vehicles and premises, so as to protect the health of all parties, thus ensuring that we can conduct our business safely without problems or interruptions.

– We have been using the means and methods of remote work for the past two weeks in all work tasks where remote work is applicable. In addition, our intention is to conduct any customer visits and recruitment interviews with the aid of remote communication technologies. Our policy is to avoid travelling.

– We use special caution when working in the terrain, observing the instructions and recommendations issued by the authorities.

– We emphasise the responsible work of our personnel and their adherence to the authorities’ instructions, even outside working hours.


We invest in the reliability of our deliveries and do our utmost to safeguard the functioning of critical societal structures and networks, regardless of the challenges imposed by the coronavirus.

For additional information on our procedures, please contact your contact person as necessary.