Corporate policies

Occupational health and safety policy (OSH policy)

Personnel safety and health are the starting point for all company operations. Voimatel Oy is committed to maintaining and developing occupational health and safety for its employees. OSH activities are developed in cooperation with all members of the personnel and other major stakeholders. We are actively seeking new ways and means to encourage personnel to take proactive action to achieve a safer and healthier work environment. The goal is zero accidents and zero persons on disability pension.

We invest in risk management by regularly evaluating occupational health and safety risks and by encouraging personnel to actively monitor safety. We record security findings, accidents, and near-miss situations in order to learn from them at an early stage.

Voimatel offers its personnel high-quality occupational health care nationwide. We use appropriate tools and protective equipment and methods to minimise potential health and safety risks caused by our operation to employees and other stakeholders. Regular occupational health and safety (OSH) activities and related action plans ensure the continuous development of employee wellbeing and occupational safety.

The company’s management is committed to strengthening the safety culture and instructs that each team and top management meeting must begin with a safety or wellbeing topic.

Quality policy

Our goal is to improve the quality of products and services as well as increase customer satisfaction. Our products and services are tailored to customer needs providing high quality at competitive prices and complying with contractual obligations and requirements. Performing jobs on a high quality and timely basis will increase customer confidence in the organisation. The reasons behind complaints are investigated and steps are taken to avoid similar events in the future.

Environmental policy

Voimatel Oy strives towards a cost-effective and environmentally sustainable operating model by continuously developing its operations. We are committed to achieving environmental goals. Our main principles of operation are the reduction of harmful environmental impacts through the use of environmentally sustainable products and the promotion of electric transportation. We try to use as little energy as possible and minimise the amount of waste. In all our activities, we comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations.

Data security policy

Voimatel and its management are committed to maintaining data security at a good level in our company. Data security means that all information-related risks are managed and mitigated to an acceptable level in all functions, in systems as well as manual processes. Voimatel cooperates with several external parties, such as customers, suppliers and subcontractors, which is why compliance with and awareness of security principles and guidelines are particularly important. This helps us ensure the confidentiality, availability, integrity and correct use of the information. Good data security is a key business enabler for Voimatel.