Voimatel has acquired Datasilta Oy

Voimatel has acquired Datasilta Oy. With the transaction, Voimatel bolsters its expertise as a telecommunications and energy service provider and increases its presence in the Helsinki metropolitan area. The trade sale enables Voimatel to expand its service portfolio.

Datasilta offers telecommunication services, solar power solutions and charging solutions for electric vehicles, antenna-related services, and security services. Datasilta works with business clients in the Uusimaa region and in Southwest Finland. The company’s headquarters are located in Vantaa, and it employs around 60 people.

Voimatel and Datasilta have a long history of cooperation.

“Voimatel’s core and access network services are company’s strategic areas of growth. This trade sale significantly strengthens Voimatel’s expertise in installations for consumers and businesses. Charging services for electric vehicles and renewable energy system services are also key growth areas in our strategy,” says Voimatel CEO Timo Rask.

Voimatel’s target clientele includes telecommunications service providers, equipment suppliers, and dedicated network providers (e.g., electrical grid operators). New potential clients can also be found in the users of energy system solutions, for example, real estate companies and industry.

“With the acquisition, Voimatel grows its service portfolio and expands its service reach to new geographical areas. In a largely homogeneous service sector, the only way to grow is through business asset transfers. With Datasilta, Voimatel gains a lot of necessary expertise,” explains Head of Telecom Business Line Jari Keskilohko from Voimatel.

“At Voimatel, the Datasilta employees get to be part of a larger entity that provides personnel with new professional challenges and a chance to expand their skills. Additionally, the energy service part of this deal allows us to take our operations to the next level.  Our faith and trust in Voimatel’s operations are strong, and it’s great to be part of it all,” says Datasilta CEO Antti Karjalainen.

More information:
Timo Rask, Voimatel CEO, +358 50 361 9246, timo.rask@voimatel.fi
Antti Karjalainen, Datasilta CEO, +358 50 994 2327, antti.karjalainen@datasilta.fi


Datasilta was founded on professional excellence and a spirit of vigor in 2009. The electricity and telecommunication service provider works with business clients in the Uusimaa and Southwest Finland economic regions. Datasilta’s services include telecommunications network building, various communications solutions, security system installations as well as solar power systems and charging systems for electric vehicles. www.datasilta.fi