Code of conduct and whistleblowing channel

Our way of working

The Code of Conduct provides uniform guidelines for operations at all company levels. The Code of Conduct contains a set of fundamentals that help Voimatel employees to choose the right course of action in working life situations that require independent judgment. Our operations must meet all the legal, industry-specific, and contractual requirements imposed. We set the same standards for our own personnel and for all of our partners and, within the framework of our influence, ensure that our partners comply with our ethical principles.

Consistent, ethically acceptable practices strengthen the reliability of Voimatel’s operations and promote transparency of operations in relation to all of our stakeholders, including our customers, personnel, owner, and the surrounding society as a whole.

Voimatel’s reputation is based on the actions and behaviour of each Voimatel employee. Each Voimatel employee is part of Voimatel and acts in its name, right from the first working day. Voimatel employees play a key role in the formation of the company’s reputation. Unlawful or unethical behaviour can cause significant damage. All Voimatel employees should act in accordance with the company’s best interest by being honest and reliable, and by keeping any promises made to customers, colleagues, and partners.

Compliance with laws and equality

It is our responsibility as an employer to comply with legislation, labour laws and the collective agreement applicable in the sector. The working conditions of the personnel are at least up to the standard prescribed by national legislation. As an employer, we must enable a safe and healthy working environment and commit ourselves to its continuous improvement.

We respect the UN Declaration of Human Rights. It is our responsibility to ensure equality. Everyone has equal opportunities, regardless of race, colour, sex, nationality, religion, or ethnic background. Any kind of discrimination or harassment is not allowed. We do not accept any form of forced, bonded or non-voluntary labour, nor do we allow any procedures that prevent the free movement of labour. We do not hire employees who do not meet the legal minimum age.

Prohibition of bribery and corruption

When conducting its business, Voimatel Oy does not allow its personnel or its partners to engage in any form of corruption or bribery (for example, improper payment, kickback, or other consideration), or to receive or offer any gift or hospitality that exceeds the bounds of customary business practice or the value of non-taxable gift, or that could affect our independence.

We do not allow any gift or hospitality to be received for the purpose of allowing access to business opportunities, business conduct and management, or gaining other illegal benefit in business.

We do not allow any improper payment or other consideration to be requested or approved, directly or indirectly, for the purpose of enticing conduct in contravention of the principles.

Fair competition

We do not allow personal interests to be pursued by taking advantage of one’s position or exploiting the property or information belonging to Voimatel Oy, any handling of confidential information carelessly or in contravention with the applicable non-disclosure obligation or legislation, or any actions in breach of the competition law currently in force.

Whistleblowing channel

Voimatel’s whistleblowing channel can be used by our own personnel and our other stakeholders, such as our customers, suppliers and partners, to report any deviations or violations.

The whistleblowing channel can be used to report suspected serious misconduct or abuse, such as wilful breach of laws or regulations, violation of the Code of Conduct, bribery, or corruption.

Voimatel employees may also report any actual or suspected conduct in breach of the Code of Conduct to their supervisor or a representative of the company’s management. Any misbehaviour or situations that are in conflict with the Code of Conduct will be taken up for further processing by the supervisor or a representative of the company’s management.

This channel is not intended for addressing complaints or disputes related to personnel.

This Code of Conduct has been approved by Voimatel Oy’s management team in February 2023