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Mobile installer

Our mobile installers play an integral role in ensuring the optimal operation and quality of wireless networks. Thanks to their work, the future of connectivity is bright.

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Mobile Technician

Mobile Technician – at the forefront of wireless communication

At Voimatel, we’re all about keeping the world connected. As a Mobile Technician, your role is crucial in ensuring that wireless networks operate at their best. From performing telecommunication installations at the top of high masts to carrying out maintenance tasks, you play a vital role in enabling seamless communication and ensuring society stays connected.

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We’re about more than just connecting networks; we’re about connecting people. From underground communication cables to towering mobile network masts, we’re there for our customers all across Finland, whether they live in remote mountain villages or bustling cities.

Installing and maintaining mobile networks is a growing and evolving field, and we will do everything we can to stay at the forefront of this development. Our team of 80 mobile technicians are just as passionate about what they do as we are, and we’re always on the lookout for talented individuals who want to grow with us.

If you’re excited to make your mark in the world of mobile networks and you thrive in a supportive environment where success is celebrated, you’ve come to the right place. 

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Why work for us?


Strong team spirit

The camaraderie among our close-knit team and throughout the organization shines through in everything we do. We’re always there to help and support each other.


Never a boring moment

You’ll have the chance to apply your diverse skills and continually learn and grow. We’re committed to nurturing your development and expertise.


Job security and continuity

The field of network technology is expanding, and we’re all set for a future of exciting growth. We’ve invested in high-quality tools and strict safety practices, to ensure our growth is reliable and sustainable.
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Open positions

We may work with technology, but we always prioritise people. Want to join our team? View our open positions below or send us an application detailing your experience.

What our Mobile Technicians have to say about working at Voimatel

“Installation work varies from buildings to mast sites and sometimes to underground facilities. In building sites, we use a variety of lifts, while at mast sites, we climb heights of 30–120 meters above ground level.”

Mikko, Mobile Technician

“Travel is also part of the job – our team works on short assignments in various parts of Finland.”

Mikko, Mobile Technician

“In my work, I enjoy the diversity, challenges, working in the installation team, and the breathtaking views.”

Mikko, Mobile Technician
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One connection at a time – safely

Mobile installers work at height in demanding conditions, and the importance of safety cannot ever be overstated. It’s why we pride ourself on an exceptionally strong safety culture, where the health and safety of employees is always our number one priority. Our operations and safety guidelines are based on stringent contemporary safety laws and regulations. Put simply, we take care of each other.

Before any work is undertaken on a mast, thorough risk assessments are conducted, and strict adherence to safety guidelines is maintained throughout. We equip our team with the necessary tools and protective gear, and emphasize the importance of teamwork in ensuring everyone’s safety. Climbing the mast is always a voluntary decision.

All of our mobile installers undergo comprehensive safety training and certification, covering safe practices for working at heights and utilizing personal fall protection equipment. We also offer ongoing training opportunities to ensure our team remains up-to-date with the latest safety standards. A valid medical certificate is required for obtaining a mast work permit.

The diverse tasks of a mobile installer

Our mobile installers work as part of a team responsible for the installation and maintenance of wireless data networks. Every day is different and tasks vary from equipment installation and mast work (including link, base station, switch, and backbone equipment installations) as well as maintenance tasks.

Other tasks include:

  • Installation, commissioning, and documentation of base stations and antenna networks
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Configuration of base station equipment
  • Installation of backbone and transmission equipment
  • Civil works
  • Network measurements and fault repairs

If you’re curious and love learning about new new technologies, becoming a mobile installer at Voimatel could be the perfect fit. The work and the environment is varied and often completed ontop of tall mobile masts or rooftops. Just think of those breathtaking views! Our mobile network masts range from tens of meters to over 100 meters, and sometimes as high as 300 meters. 

There are plenty of opportunities to be outside, enjoying the diversity and beauty of nature and you’ll find transportation and tasks changing with the seasons.

Typically, mobile installers work in groups of 2-4 people at each site, although sometimes we may have larger teams for more complex jobs. Given the nature of the work, especially when tackling urgent troubleshooting tasks, working hours can be flexible.

Mobile installer training and skills requirements

To become a mobile installer, you need vocational training in telecommunications or electrical engineering, or similar qualifications. It’s not just about the books though—the role demands expertise in base station and device technologies, as well as suitability for working at heights. A B(E) driver’s license is also required.

In addition to professional skills, working at the top of masts requires good physical and mental fitness. Most masts are climbed using safety harnesses and other equipment, with elevators only available on the tallest structures.

To become a mobile installer you’ll need a valid written mast work permit. This permit requires passing a security clearance check conducted by the authorities (Tursel/Criminal Record) and needs to be renewed regularly on completion of mandatory training. We offer our own training as well as working with selected partners, to ensure our mobile installers are always up-to-date with what they need. 

Technology is constantly evolving, and as a strong team, we work tirelessly to stay on top of these changes. We listen to our customers’ needs and adapt to the ever-changing environment. It’s important for our mobile installers to have a genuine interest in maintaining and developing their skills, and you’ll find plenty of opportunities to do this working with us. 

Finally, we pride ourselves on being positive and proactive and approach everything we do with effective communication and mutual respect, whether it’s within the team, with other departments, or with clients, end-users, property owners, and subcontractors.

Our mobile installers are Voimatel’s everyday heroes – they’re great listeners and always find the best solutions, no matter what the job throws at them.

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Becoming a mobile installer through internships and apprenticeships

If you’re interested in becoming a mobile installer but do not have any experience in the field, our internships could be the perfect solution. We’re seeking people who are capable, curious, and as excited by our mission as we are. 

You’ll have the opportunity to learn and develop from our most experienced team members, combined with the latest technology such as VR goggles, where you can climb masts virtually.

Candidates selected for training as mobile installers must pass the fitness and health checks required for mast work.