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Our Principles

We uphold the highest standards across all aspects of our operations, from environmental sustainability and occupational health and safety to information security and quality principles.

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Operating Principles

Occupational Health and Safety Principles

At Voimatel, we believe that our greatest assets are our employees—professionals who are also family members, friends, and lifelong learners. Protecting and caring for our employees is paramount, meaning their safety and health are the foundation of all our activities.

Voimatel Oy is dedicated to maintaining and improving occupational health and safety through:

1. Collaboration: Developing OHS activities with employees and key stakeholders
2. Proactive Measures: Encouraging proactive actions for a safer and healthier work environment with the goal of zero accidents and disability retirements
3. Risk Management: Regularly assessing risks and encouraging active safety observations, and documenting safety issues to learn from them early
4. Equipment and Services: Investing in high-quality occupational health services and minimizing risks through proper equipment and methods
5. A Commitment to Equality: We prepare an equality and non-discrimination plan every two years, with its implementation monitored in collaboration with management, human resources, and employee representatives
6. Continuous Improvement and Reporting: Regular OHS activities and action plans to ensure ongoing development of well-being and safety

Together, we build a community united by a shared purpose and guided by the principle that people are our greatest resource.

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Quality Principles

Our goal is to continuously improve the quality of our products and services, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction. At Voimatel, we design our offerings with a customer-centric approach, ensuring they are high-quality, competitive, and compliant with all contractual and regulatory requirements.

Delivering work with excellence and timeliness strengthens our customers’ trust in us. We are committed to investigating the root causes of any complaints and implementing measures to prevent future occurrences. This dedication to quality reflects our broader commitment to nurturing human connections and upholding the values that make us a trusted partner in our industry.

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Environmental Principles

At Voimatel Oy, we are committed to continuously developing cost-effective and environmentally conscious operational models that create an interconnected future deeply rooted in sustainability.

Key principles include reducing harmful environmental impacts by using eco-friendly products, adopting nature-friendly transportation methods, using minimal energy, reducing waste, and complying with current environmental laws and regulations in all activities.

We are dedicated to continuously developing services that promote the goal of a low-emission society. This includes updating our knowledge and actively seeking solutions to operate more ecologically.

By integrating sustainable development principles into our organization, we advance technology responsibly, one connection at a time.

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Information Security Principles

At Voimatel, we are deeply committed to maintaining a high level of information security. This involves managing and mitigating risks to ensure that information remains confidential, available, and intact across all operations, both in systems and manual processes.

Adherence to information security principles is crucial given our collaboration with various external parties, including customers, suppliers, and subcontractors. By following these guidelines, we ensure all information’s proper use and protection.

Effective information security is not just necessary; it is a key enabler of Voimatel’s business, allowing us to build trust and maintain strong relationships with our partners and clients.

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