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Ethical guidelines and whistleblowing channel

Reliable connections are built on trust. Our ethical guidelines foster transparency, integrity, and strong relationships with all our stakeholders.

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Ethical guidelines

Our ethical guidelines provide a comprehensive framework for operations at all levels, helping Voimatel employees make the right choices every single day and ensuring we meet all legal, industry, and contractual requirements.

Ethical behavior is crucial for maintaining our connections and upholding societal responsibilities. All employees must act in the company’s best interest, being honest, reliable, and keeping promises to customers, colleagues, and partners.

Approved by Voimatel’s management in February 2023, these guidelines apply to employees and partners. By adhering to these standards, we strengthen Voimatel’s reliability and foster transparent relationships with all stakeholders.

At Voimatel, we believe the most powerful connections are built on trust and transparency.

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Compliance with Laws and Equality

We recognize that our greatest assets are our employees, who contribute to our community as family members, friends, and lifelong learners.

As an employer, our responsibility is to comply with laws, labor legislation, and industry agreements that protect our employees. Our working conditions meet or exceed national legal requirements and we are committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment and to its continuous improvement.

We respect the UN Declaration of Human Rights and are dedicated to ensuring equality. Everyone has equal opportunities, regardless of race, color, gender, nationality, religion, or ethnic background. Discrimination or harassment will never be tolerated at Voimatel.

We do not accept forced labor, slavery, or any form of non-voluntary labor, nor do we allow practices that restrict the free movement of workers. And we never employ individuals who do not meet the legal minimum age requirement.

At Voimatel, we nurture a diverse environment where humanity thrives alongside technology and hard work. We are committed to learning from each other and strengthening our culture through human connection.

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Bribery and corruption

Voimatel Oy strictly prohibits any form of corruption or bribery (e.g., improper payments, bribes, or other compensations) by its employees or partners. We do not accept or offer gifts or hospitality that exceed standard business practices, the value of a tax-free gift, or anything that could compromise independence.

We do not allow the acceptance of gifts or hospitality intended to facilitate business access, maintenance, management, or any other illegal business advantage.

And we never permit the solicitation or acceptance of improper payments or other compensations, directly or indirectly, intended to encourage actions that violate our principles.

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Fair competition

We never allow personal gain from using one’s position or Voimatel Oy’s assets or information. Careless handling of confidential information, breaking confidentiality or legal obligations, and violating competition laws are strictly prohibited.

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Whistleblowing channel

Voimatel’s whistleblowing channel lets our employees and other stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, and partners, report any unethical behaviors or violations.

You can use it to report issues such as suspected serious misconduct, deliberate violations of laws or regulations, breaches of ethical guidelines, bribery, or corruption.

Voimatel employees can also report unethical behavior or suspected violations to a supervisor or management representative. The supervisor or management will address any potential wrongdoing or situations conflicting with our ethical guidelines.

Please note this channel is not intended for handling complaints or disputes related to personnel matters.

Reporting channel
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