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Apprenticeship training and internships

No experience? No problem. Discover the exciting industry of telecommunications through an apprenticeship or internship. It all starts with connection.

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Apprenticeships and internships

Seamlessly combine studying and working

At Voimatel, we nurture a culture of curiosity and growth in our work. We value diverse perspectives and are genuinely interested in our colleagues. For those interested by network design, construction, and operations, we provide opportunities to learn through apprenticeships and internships. With us, you can train for various roles and potentially secure a fulfilling career at Voimatel as a skilled professional in the field.

In apprenticeship training, you engage in practical work while studying, earning a wage, and accumulating valuable work experience. It’s an excellent pathway to mastering a trade, pursuing additional education, transitioning to a new career, or even completing previously interrupted studies. Apprenticeships seamlessly integrate hands-on work with theoretical learning, offering students the chance to learn directly within the professional environment.

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We also provide opportunities to fulfill internship requirements that you may have as part of your studies. Or maybe you’d like to conduct your thesis with us, or on an element of our work? That’s an option too. 

We value the diverse backgrounds and experiences of our team members. At Voimatel, everyone can embrace their true selves. Are you ready to step into the role of an enabler in the digital society? Join us in enhancing your skills and together, let’s forge lasting connections.

Why work with us?


Excellent mentors and orientation

During the internship, your tasks are carefully reviewed with your designated mentor, and you progress at a pace that aligns with your skill development. Help is always available; you never have to go it alone.


Relaxed yet professional team

At work, you can always be yourself. Newcomers are immediately welcomed into the team and taken care of. Tasks are handled with professionalism but always with a smile. We believe you can work hard and have fun.


Educational experience

An internship or apprenticeship with us in an exciting journey filled with tasks and projects designed to foster your growth. Expand your professional toolkit and gain invaluable work experience while surrounded by a supportive and dynamic team.

What our apprenticeships and internships are like

“The feeling and experience of working here have been extremely positive. It’s not quite what I expected initially, but in a positive way! Firstly, I was surprised by how well I was received and how friendly everyone has been.”

Mikael, payroll intern

“I’ve had the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities, and I’ve been encouraged to voice my own opinions if I notice anything that could be improved.”

Mikael, payroll intern

Apprenticeship training at Voimatel

Apprenticeship training is a form of education where students can complete a degree (or a part of one) while working with us in a salaried position. It includes both on-the-job learning and study days at school, as well as demonstrations of skills in the workplace. The number and duration of these periods vary depending on the training program.

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We always assign a dedicated mentor to each student, who provides personalized guidance, oversees their work at the site, and offers one-on-one advice. Our students are entrusted with real responsibilities and impactful tasks, facilitating effective learning through hands-on experiences.

We view apprenticeships as mutually beneficial partnerships. To stay at the forefront of development, we welcome fresh ideas and suggestions from students to improve our operations. Through open discussions and curiosity, we can learn from each other.

The duration of an apprenticeship varies depending on the field of study and qualification requirements. Typically lasting from one to three years, apprenticeships are tailored to the type of degree or certification pursued and the student’s individual progress. Factors such as prior knowledge and experience also play a role in determining the duration of the apprenticeship.

Upon completing the apprenticeship training, we aim to provide employment opportunities within Voimatel, ensuring a seamless transition into a professional role.

How do I apply to become an apprentice with Voimatel?

We occasionally seek new individuals to join our apprenticeship program. If you’re interested, you should have a school in mind where you can complete the theoretical part of your training. Don’t worry if you don’t have prior experience in the field —we’ll provide all the necessary training within our team.

Our open apprenticeship positions are posted on our website, just like our other job openings. After the application deadline, we’ll keep you informed about the progress of the selection process and invite selected candidates for interviews.

You can also send us an open application. By doing so, you’ll join our talent pool, and we’ll contact you as soon as suitable positions become available.

Because each apprenticeship is slightly different, we finalize the details with the selected candidates, the educational institution, and the apprenticeship provider. 

Internships at Voimatel

Students can complete internships at Voimatel as part of their studies. We aim to provide meaningful first steps for new enablers of the information society, allowing them to learn confidently alongside industry professionals. We thoroughly train our interns in their roles and our practices, with a particular focus on learning; our thorough orientation process guarantees that our interns are well-prepared for their roles and familiar with our practices, with a strong emphasis on safety and learning safe working methods and procedures. At the end of the internship, all interns receive a certificate of completion.

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We also offer the opportunity to complete a thesis as part of university or polytechnic studies. At Voimatel, we’re always interested in new practices and technological advancements – why not explore them together?

Apply to do your thesis with us by filling out an internship application.

How do I apply for an internship at Voimatel?

To apply for an internship, send us an open application. By doing so, you’ll join our talent pool, and we’ll contact you as soon as suitable positions become available.