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Network designer

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Network designer

Network designer – the heart of the information society

At Voimatel, we create connections that shape our society. Our network designers craft the infrastructures that enable the vital daily connections we all depend on. As the leading team in the field, we aspire to ensure the highest possible availability and longevity for both new and upgraded networks.

Our design work at Voimatel includes a diverse range of networks and associated equipment for our clients, including:

– Lead networks
– Fiber optic networks
– Mobile networks
– Transmission networks
– Backbone networks
– Access networks
– Equipment facilities
– Masts

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From large national projects in collaboration with operators or international equipment suppliers to smaller projects with local partners, our designers play a vital role in delivering successful solutions to any infrastructure challenges our clients may face.

No two days are the same for a network designer at Voimatel, but one thing unites every project – our commitment to strong customer relationships. We pride ourselves on being a reliable, trustworthy, and honest partner.

Join us in doing meaningful work that facilitates the operation of our critical information systems in a changing world.

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Why work with us?


Skilled colleagues

Be part of a competent and skilled community where diverse expertise is valued and celebrated. This diversity fuels confidence and growth.


Work life balance

We don’t just say it, we mean it. We believe that for true job satisfaction, it’s vital to have flexibility in both directions.


Independent decision making

We believe in giving our team autonomy over their work. When you work here, you’ll have the perfect balance of decision-making power and support whenever you need it.
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Open positions

We may work with technology, but we always prioritise people. Want to join our team? View our open positions below or send us an application detailing your experience.

What our designers have to say about working at Voimatel

“As a designer, you get to do diverse tasks quite independently. Schedules are smoothly coordinated with end customers, which, in my opinion, provides excellent opportunities to influence the content of your own workday.”

Timo, designer

“We have a skilled and cohesive team. There’s always someone available to ask if you want another perspective on something. You can ask without hesitation; there’s no need to be shy.”

Timo, designer

“The best part of my job is the variety; it’s not just sitting by the computer all the time. About 60 percent of the tasks are handled at the desk, even remotely.”

Tommi, designer

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Safe, sustainable connections

At Voimatel, we forge sustainable connections for the future while keeping humanity at the heart of everything we do. That’s why we will always prioritise workplace safety and also why we make substantial investments in risk management.

The well-being of our team is paramount in all our operations. We mitigate workplace safety risks by providing suitable work and protective equipment and implementing safe work practices and protocols.

Part of a designer’s tasks includes conducting a safety assessment at each worksite and compiling safety documents for the client. Every employee must use appropriate work and protective equipment and methods to maintain safety at all times.

The goal of our occupational safety practices is zero indifference, zero accidents, and zero disability pensions.

A network designer creates sustainable connections

Our network designers are responsible for independently executing their assigned design tasks, adhering to scheduling and other requirements. We’ve invested in the latest design software, giving you everything you need to complete the work comprehensively. 

Our projects always emphasize customer-centric and cost-effective solutions while considering maintenance, framework, and project agreements, legal requirements, and the needs of customers and other stakeholders.

Primary responsibilities include:

  • Technical dimensioning of the network
  • Network route, terrain, and structural planning including land use and official permits
  • Collaboration with other stakeholders, such as telecom operators
  • Planning excavation routes and anticipating potential excavation issues
  • Material optimization

Diversity in any job is important. That’s why our designers also assist with tender applications, work planning, addressing specific challenges on-site, and contribute to the development of other design activities. Active collaboration across our entire team, means no one ever has to go it alone. We each work towards a common goal and support each other’s success.

From the desk to the field

The process of designing networks begins at the desk but extends to the field where the planned networks are physically installed. On-site, designers meticulously assess workplace safety, inspect excavation lines, and collaborate with the rest of the team to review the project.

Being on-site also provides opportunities for direct communication with clients and interaction with other stakeholders involved in the project. 

At Voimatel, our teams for the main network services and mobile network services, typically consist of five or six people in addition to the designer. These include telecommunications installers or mobile installers, a team leader, and possibly a project manager.

As a designer you maintain close communication with the entire team, helping ensure efficient and seamless work for everyone. All of our teams embrace a positive attitude, respecful communications, and working together to get things done. 

Qualifications and skills needed for network designers

The qualification requirement for a network designer is a bachelor’s degree in the field, along with a minimum of three years of industry experience.

Special requirements for the role include:

  • Excellent IT skills and proficiency in systems
  • Knowledge of relevant laws and regulations
  • Familiarity with land use and permit practices
  • Understanding of electrical and workplace safety regulations and guidelines
  • Willingness to learn new methods and technologies

A network designer should be customer-oriented, possess financial acumen, and have good negotiation skills. Additionally, they must meet the requirements for a security clearance card. Travel to work sites requires a valid B driver’s license.

Tasks are shaped by the needs of our clients and the strategic goals of our business, which requires meticulous planning and the ability to adapt to ever-evolving circumstances. Extensive research and analysis play a vital role in this position, highlighting the importance of strong analytical skills and problem-solving capabilities.

Being a network designer at Voimatel involves proactive communication and negotiations with various external and internal stakeholders. Collaboration, active listening, and respect for partners are crucial skills. A solution-oriented attitude is also essential.

Skills and expertise are honed through hands-on experience, supported by a capable team and a collaborative organizational culture. Together, we navigate challenges and celebrate achievements, recognizing that while we are professionals, above all, we are people striving to make a positive impact through our work.

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Opportunities for advancement

At Voimatel, we’re committed to nurturing talent and providing avenues for growth, helping you stay at the forefront of your field. We believe in embracing change and value individuals who not only excel in their current roles but who are curious about what’s next. Just as the industry evolves, so do we.

Whether you’re driven to take on new challenges or explore different roles within our organization, we’re here to support your journey and help you carve out your path forward.