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Work manager

Our work management team members are responsible for organizing and implementing our leadership, backbone, connection, and mobile network tasks. Every connection is as important as the next.

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Work manager

Work management – be a guiding force

At Voimatel, we work daily with networks, systems, and technology, connecting places and information. But we understand that the most meaningful connections are those between people. That’s where the real power lies—the ability to build cooperation, trust, and community.

Our teams consists of project and team leaders as well as project and team coordinators, all responsible for organizing and implementing our management, backbone, connection, and mobile network workload.

These roles are pivotal, ensuring the seamless operation and efficiency of our worksites. They oversee resource allocation, monitor work quality, and ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations. They’re at the helm of our collective success.

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Our work management professionals know how to balance proactive planning with quick decision-making in rapidly changing environments, closely collaborating with their teams at every step.

They find solutions in the blink of an eye, listen attentively to customers’ needs, and actively monitor the evolving environment to spot potential issues before they happen. 

Acting as a crucial liaison between clients and our team and guided by customer contracts and internal protocols, Supervisors ensure smooth operations and seamless communications between all stakeholders.

Work hours for these positions can be flexibly planned, taking into account project work, customer needs, and team dynamics. In these roles, you won’t be staring at the same walls all the time – work can be done flexibly on-site, in the office, or remotely.

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Why work here?


A workplace where you can be yourself

We value the diverse personalities and strengths of our employees, ensuring that everyone finds their place within our teams.


Use your expertise every day

Every day, you’ll have the opportunity to apply your expertise to tasks that not only contribute to the team’s goals but also allow you to grow and develop professionally.


Freedom to work from anywhere, anytime

With the right tools and a conducive culture, our work environment allows for work that isn’t bound by time or place.
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Open positions

We may work with technology, but we always prioritise people. Want to join our team? View our open positions below or send us an application detailing your experience.

Experiences of working in a work management

“People make the workplace. The turnover in our team has been minimal, indicating that people have enjoyed working here.”

Piia, team leader

“The team, and overall, the entire workplace, has a great team spirit. The tasks are not just those of individual persons or teams, but are seen as the work of everyone.”

Piia, team leader

“I am responsible for successful equipment construction and connection delivery in the Northern Finland region. In this, I am supported by over 10 skilled technicians and an efficient supervisor.”

Piia, team leader
Pohjoismainen maisema.


Safety as the foundation of connection

At Voimatel, we respect and care for our employees, partners, and everyone whose lives we touch. 

The safety and well-being of our staff and stakeholders are paramount in every aspect of our operations.

Like all members of the Voimatel team, management adheres strictly to safe work practices and Voimatel’s operational guidelines. Within their areas of responsibility, they ensure safety and risk management for construction and maintenance projects.

Diverse responsibilities

Management effectively coordinates and oversees our construction and maintenance projects, ensuring adherence to our annual agreements while prioritizing cost-effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

With their proactive approach, they meticulously consider the specific requirements and deadlines of our clients, stakeholders, and regulatory frameworks. They view the dynamic daily operations as opportunities for progression, learning, and advancement, constantly overcoming any challenges that come their way.

Team and project leaders also serve as supervisors and mentors for their team, guiding personnel and safeguarding well-being. 

Responsibilities may also include:

  • Directing and planning subcontracting
  • Design tasks as needed
  • Procurement of materials
  • Responsibility for safe work practices and risk management
  • Reporting and financial final settlements

Training and skills requirements

At Voimatel, you can be yourself. We value varied experiences and backgrounds and understand that this diversity makes us strong. 

Project and team leaders may have education or backgrounds in telecommunications, electrical engineering, or construction technology. Experience in industrial engineering and the construction industry also provides an excellent foundation for managerial roles. However, the right attitude and desire to learn are often far more critical than any formal education.

Mastery of standard office software, problem-solving skills, and cultivating a supportive workforce atmosphere is essential. With a keen ear for customer needs and a commitment to providing sustainable solutions, our management team embodies a customer-centric service attitude and excellent communication skills.

Proficiency in spoken and written Finnish is required, and knowledge of English is advantageous. Travel is part of the job, depending on the team or project.

A man is sitting at the office.


Opportunities for advancement in management

Our diverse and dynamic work environment allows you to carve out a career path that aligns with your identity. When considering career advancement, we prioritize the unique needs of our employees—our valued heroes at Voimatel—and offer growth and development opportunities that set industry standards. Our goal is to lead the charge in professional development as a company and as individuals.

Whether working as a project or team leader or as a project and team coordinator, you’ll gain invaluable hands-on experience that serves as a solid foundation for pursuing new career paths.

Within our organization, there are a wealth of opportunities to progress based on your interests, whether in planning or frontline positions. The possibilities are endless.