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Telecommunication installer

Are you a telecommunications technician? Work with us to secure critical information systems and ensure smooth connections. You’ll work with technology, but always for people.

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Telecommunications technician

Telecommunications technician – the guardian of connections

In an information society, the movement of data across networks is crucial. Securing critical information systems and ensuring smooth connections require skilled professionals with expert care. At Voimatel, we value every interaction and appreciate our employees. Humanity is at the core of everything we do, as we create sustainable and meaningful connections – not just between technologies, but above all, between people.

We have around 200 dedicated telecommunications technicians who are responsible for the construction, maintenance, and troubleshooting of fixed telecommunications networks. We foster a culture of curiosity and growth, value diverse perspectives, and are genuinely interested in our colleagues. We work with technology, but always for people.

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Our customer base consists of telecommunication operators, global equipment manufacturers, businesses, and public sector entities, and we are a significant employer in the telecommunications industry. There is always room in our teams across Finland for ambitious professionals who share our passion and drive for connection and dedication to customer service. 

At Voimatel, customer-centricity means being present, attentive, and respectful both within our organization and with external stakeholders. We pride ourselves on a supportive work environment where everyone’s contributions are valued. Whether you’re an experienced technician or just starting out, joining Voimatel means becoming part of a strong team that celebrates individual and collective success.

Inspired? View our open positions. We’d love to hear from you.

Why work with us?


Help is always available

Support is never far away. Whether it’s from your team leader, colleagues, or other members of the organization, help is always within reach, and you’re encouraged to ask questions whenever you need guidance.


Skilled colleagues

In our teams, everyone knows their stuff and brings their A-Game. There are no silly questions—just shared challenges and solutions brainstormed together.


Work with meaning

It’s exciting to do meaningful work for a national operator. The enthusiasm and shared desire to succeed are evident in everyone’s actions.
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Open positions

We may work with technology, but we always prioritise people. Want to join our team? View our open positions below or send us an application detailing your experience.

Experiences of working as a telecommunication installer

“Voimatel’s strength as an employer is definitely the great team spirit. It’s nice how well I’ve been welcomed into the team, and as a new and young professional, I don’t have to stress about things.”

Tomi, telecommunications technician

“The best thing about this job, in my opinion, is the right amount of independence, being able to plan and handle things on my own. Of course, it requires being able to handle tasks responsibly and independently.”

Tomi, telecommunications technician

“In school, you learn the basics, but the real job, what it actually involves, how it’s done, what it entails, and the equipment and technology involved, you have to learn that on the job. The work is independent, but help is also available when needed, both from your own team and from other teams, reciprocally.”

Paula, telecommunications technician
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Every telecommunications technician is important

At Voimatel, we forge sustainable and meaningful connections—not just between technologies but, above all, between people.

Humanity is at the core of everything we do. That’s why we are committed to continually maintaining and enhancing occupational health and safety for our team.

This includes ensuring proper work and protective equipment are used in operations, along with multiple protocols designed to minimize risks to employees or other stakeholders.

Telecommunications technicians must always adhere to our safe work practices and operating procedures and have valid safety training and licenses, which we can help you obtain during employment.

A significant part of the telecommunications technician’s work is done independently, but when a task requires climbing, there are always at least two people on the team.

The diverse work of a telecommunications installer

The work of a telecommunications installer includes the construction of telecommunications networks and the installation and maintenance of telecommunications equipment and systems in diverse environments from remote mountain villages to bustling cities. 

In addition to installation, there’s plenty of troubleshooting and maintenance work to keep you busy and challenged. As a telecommunications installer, you get to work in varied workplaces and with a wide variety of technologies, including:

  • Fiber optic networks
  • KTV networks, i.e. cable television networks
  • Mobile networks
  • Data backbone networks
  • Installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of connections and transmission equipment
  • Copper cable networks

Training and skill requirements for telecommunications technicians

To become a telecommunications technician, you need vocational training in telecommunications at the secondary vocational level alongside training in the electrical field, plus suitable work experience. 

Motivation for self-improvement and a willingness to learn are essential aspects of the job, especially regarding new technology and evolving safe working practices.

The industry requires several mandatory competency card courses, including workplace safety, fire safety, electrical safety, first aid, and roadwork safety, with associated training sessions held regularly. Voimatel conducts these training sessions alongside selected training partners.

But you’ll need more than technical expertise, training, and qualifications. All of our telecommunications technicians must have flawless attention to detail, teamwork skills, and a customer-oriented and responsible attitude. The work environment varies and may involve working on roofs, poles, masts, or elevated work platforms, so you’ll also need good physical fitness. 

This role includes independently managing tasks and close communication within the team and the organization, as well as with customers, end-users, property owners, landowners, and subcontractors. We pride ourselves on being positive, proactive, and respectful—you must have the same approach. 

Telecommunications technicians are expected to be flexible with working hours, be ready to travel, and hold a B(E) driver’s license. You’ll often be in charge of your own projects, which means you can plan your own workdays and find a work-life balance that works for you.

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Becoming a telecommunications technician through internship or apprenticeship

Are you pursuing studies in the field of telecommunications? We offer internship opportunities where you’ll gain valuable on-the-job skills under the guidance of a dedicated supervisor and experienced team. Alternatively, you can train to become a telecommunications technician through our apprenticeship program.

We provide an exceptional environment for learning and professional growth.
Learning and advancement come naturally in our supportive environment, surrounded by skilled professionals. Whether you’re a student or an experienced worker, assistance and support from colleagues are always available, no questions asked.

As for what we’re looking for, we seek capable and curious people who can embrace continuous learning and learn from mistakes. Our teams embrace diverse personalities and learning styles, guaranteeing everyone’s success is prioritized. We’re here to help you succeed.


Advancement and career opportunities for telecommunications technicians

Telecommunications is a dynamic and continuously expanding field, offering nearly limitless opportunities for growth and advancement. As pioneers in adopting new technologies, becoming a telecommunications technician ensures a modern and future-proof career with excellent job prospects.

Within Voimatel, you can specialize in various roles and technologies, from fibre splicing to customer connections, equipment installations, and troubleshooting. If you’re interested, motivated, and curious about new technologies and techniques, we will always find ways to support your progression.

Many of our telecommunications technicians have transitioned to new specialties or advanced to other roles like network service planners, project managers, or team leaders. We take pride in nurturing the career aspirations of our team members and are dedicated to their success.

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