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Network operation and monitoring services

Constantly evolving technologies present challenges to the users and producers of electronic services. Data systems must function without interruption, and when problems are encountered, it is important that assistance is available quickly. The services can be provided to satisfy individual needs of customers or combined in a broader service package. Service packages solidify operations and provide a more stable and agile platform for a process that saves time and costs. Our network operation and monitoring services are available around the clock (24/7/365) in several languages: Finnish, Swedish, English, Russian and Estonian.

Why choose the network operation and monitoring services?

  • Service available around the clock
  • Agile service in multiple languages
  • Operation not dependent on operators
  • Years of experience of monitoring, technical support and processing of failure reports
  • A trained, enthusiastic team of professionals
  • Customization: you can subscribe to a service tailored to your needs
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  • Failure reports

    We provide a standard service for your customers’ problem situations enabling them to easily report failures. We provide services in five languages on a 24/7 basis.

    We train our professionals thoroughly to ensure that they know your company’s products and services inside out and that the service sounds just like your company’s failure report service should. We have excellent tools for measuring the service quality and we constantly invest in the development of service quality.

    We respond to alert calls and failure reports by phone and email enabling your company to optimize the resources of your technical staff to solve alerts and failures without delay.

    We provide the alert and failure tickets as agreed and, if desired, we can also enter the data directly into the system used by your company for this purpose. We can sift through the reports for urgent cases or any customers requiring SLA processing.

    The outsourced service is flexible and the service level remains constant regardless of fluctuations in call volume.


  • Monitoring

    Data systems and networks must function without interruption, and when problems are encountered, it is important that assistance is available quickly. We monitor your data systems and data networks on a 24/7 basis to detect and solve problems. Proactive measures help us prevent the emergence of failures. When a failure is detected, we analyse the situation and fix the problem through remote management or initiate troubleshooting and report as necessary.

    For monitoring purposes, we can either use the customer’s monitoring system or our own. The points being monitored, the measures taken, and alarm limits are specified when the monitoring service begins.


    Examples of points being monitored:

    • business customer networks, IP backbones and their systems
    • distribution switches
    • servers and server rooms
    • transmission networks and systems
    • mobile networks
    • landline telephone exchanges, hubs, telephone switchboards
    • property monitoring (access control, air conditioning, power supply)
    • report transfer system
    • video surveillance
    • HeadEnd system (DIGI, DVB-T and IPTV)
    • TV transmitters
    • power supply
    • back-up power units
    • UPS devices


  • Help Desk/Support service

    The Help Desk/Support service provides an easy way to get help and support with the installation and use of technical equipment in homes and businesses.

    Our data system administrator and support services provide for the proper operation of systems, performance of administrator tasks and user guidance towards a more efficient use of the systems. We provide a Help Desk service for the company’s internal operations as well as any end-user customers reporting problems.

    Our specialists are available at a service number or a direct telephone number. Basic opening hours on weekdays from 8:00 to 21:00 and on Saturdays from 10:00 to 15:00. The opening hours can be tailored according to customer needs and even 24/7/365 is possible.

    Our support service covers topics such as:

    • Installation and user support for broadband terminals and WLAN base stations
    • Installation and user support for computers and set-top boxes
    • Operating systems:
    • Microsoft Windows operating systems, Apple Mac OS.
    • Advice on general settings (e.g. display settings, system restore operations, use of standard software)
    • Installation and user support for email applications
    • Installation and user support for data security requirements
    • Installation and user support for other applications, no in-depth advice. For example, Office, FTP, image/audio processing, Adobe Reader, Flash Player, FTP programs, browsers
    • Computer peripherals, printers, network cards and their drivers
      – Installation and user support for printers/standard peripherals.
      – User support for common errors (error messages).
    • Email settings for mobile phones
      – Common settings/account setup advice. Support is provided only for software which came with the phone, not for additional apps.
    • Wireless landline phones, settings


    • Support and assistance with the installation and use of technical equipment in homes and businesses
    • Easy to call
    • Quick access to installation and user support