The world relies on the flow of information and electricity now and in the future

125 M€ turnover in year 2022
About 1000 service professionals
Over 125 000 service orders a year

The world relies on the flow of information and electricity now and in the future.

Their channels act as nerve nets in the society reaching hospitals, factories, homes, offices, production plants and people. All this is important to us.

We design, build, maintain and operate electricity and telecommunication networks. We do it to enable connections, services and freedom of life for us all.

To us, responsibility means an unwavering commitment, being worthy of the trust placed in us.

We know and understand the challenges of the evolving information society. We tackle them by building reliable connections based on a respect for our common living environment.

You can read Voimatel’s corporate policies here.


CEO Voimatel and OptiWatti
Mikko Heinonen

Finance, HR, Communications, BT
Soile Rissanen

Kari Kangas

Data network services
Jari Keskilohko

Electricity network services
Jussi Antikainen


Mari Ossi


KPY Cooperative 100%

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Reliable electrical substation maintenance with effective cooperation / Lappeenrannan Energiaverkot
Voimatel and Green Energy Finland work together to produce clean energy from the sun
Ericsson awarded Voimatel as a responsible partner / Ericsson
Voimatel provides charging points for electric cars / Savon Voima
Long partnership pays off / Yara Suomi
Voimatel’s experts work on 110 kV transmission networks / Järvi-Suomen Energia