Stories from the archipelago to the fells and from the countryside to the metropolis

We have a diverse background. Here are stories from our employees along the way in various tasks.

Arto K. Salmela
Project manager

“I appreciate the fact that I can decide certain things independently, but that I also get support when I need it. I’m part of a great work community and it’s a pleasure to go to work every morning,” says Arto K. Salmela. Read more


Arto K. Salmela, who is better known as “Arttu” at Voimatel, works as a project manager in the Oulu Mobile Team. Arto, who has versatile work experience, manages a team of more than 20 direct employees. In terms of the number of personnel, the team is one of the largest in Voimatel.

– As a project manager, my job is to provide a sense of accomplishment for installers, use my own skills to acquire work orders and ensure continuity of work, as well as to provide support when problems are encountered. I have to make sure that everything is ready for the installers to do their job, Arto summarises his own job description. It’s great to be involved in building high-quality telecom networks for end users in Finland.

– I appreciate the fact that I can decide certain things independently, but that I also get support when I need it. I’m part of a great work community and it’s a pleasure to go to work every Morning.

Voimatel provides opportunities for career advancement for those who have a genuine desire to develop themselves or just to change their place of work. Arto mentions that despite the common rules there is a suitable amount of flexibility.

– We have a strong feeling of working together and even an entrepreneurial spirit, even though our company is a big nationwide enterprise on the Finnish scale. Everyone has a genuine desire to get things done and help others to succeed in their own work. You also have some say in what you do depending on your job description.

– I’m glad to say that I myself have been given more responsibility over the years. I’ve been given more leeway in matters related to customer agreements, such as pricing. I’ve been actively involved in our company’s internal development projects as well as large nationwide development projects for customers, Arto adds.

Arto encourages everyone to boldly engage in work, even if it concerns something they are not quite familiar with. Never mind an occasional mistake. The next time you will know better.

“A person who doesn’t make mistakes doesn’t usually make anything. Tomorrow is another day.” Those are Arto’s mottos. A good team spirit is the starting point of everything, and safety must not be compromised in any situation.

– I really enjoy my work. In my team, there are some awesome personalities, plenty of humour and a really high sense of motivation and commitment. I feel it’s important that my teammates have the courage to tackle different kinds of tasks. When problems occur, we know how to solve them, which is an important skill here in the North, Arto describes the strengths of his team.


Tuomo Ranta-Eskola
Distribution network installer

“He has been doing a good job at Voimatel for a long time. He’s a responsible and skilled installer who helps and advises other installers.” With these words, co-workers describe Tuomo Ranta-Eskola, a distribution network installer working in Pori. Read more



– I’m currently employed in Pori, and I mainly attend to customer-related operational and maintenance duties as well as troubleshooting. Previously, I did a lot of travelling for work, but nowadays it’s rare. I’ve been at Voimatel since 2011, but I have 15 years of experience of network construction.

During his long career, Tuomo Ranta-Eskola has gained experience from all sorts of tasks assigned to a distribution network installer.

– My extensive work experience is probably the reason why I’m doing repair work at the moment. We also assist the Pori team when necessary, and vice versa. It’s a nice change to be able to do that.

– What’s best about my job is the fact that I’m given responsibility for my work. That would not be possible without trust, Tuomo explains the good aspects of his work. Things get done, but otherwise you should not worry too much, Tuomo shares his wisdom of life and adds that humour is an important element of life.

Tuomo, who likes to fish and go on trips to Lapland, considers Voimatel a good employer and says that information is communicated efficiently within the company all the way to the workers at construction sites.

– There is certainly information available. My mobile phone constantly beeps for new email, he laughs. I like my job and find my assignments interesting. And the employer has yet to give me work that I would hate to do, he laughs.

Kalle Tiiro
Mobile installer

Kalle Tiiro, who works as a mobile installer at Kempele, tells us about his feelings of working at Voimatel based on his two years’ experience. Read more


– Everything started when Voimatel recruited summer help for installing mobile equipment on masts. At first, I didn’t know if I could cope working high up, but I was given a chance to try it out, and apparently I do a good job since I’m still working. After the initial introduction, I have become well acquainted with the company. Things have rolled on since then – a couple of summers working as a summer help and just over two years under a permanent contract, Kalle Tiiro continues.

– I’ve been given more responsibility with experience. At first, I worked with others doing simple tasks and was not allowed to connect equipment. Over time, I learnt to do that as well.

Kalle, who practices Hapkido, the Korean art of self-defence, is involved, among other things, in the upgrading of base stations for the 4G network. His workplace has great views – the highest mast that Kalle has climbed was 140 metres high, and on normal workdays he climbs to heights of 50–90 metres.

– Old equipment needs to be dismantled from the masts and replaced with new equipment; for example, we replace old antennas with new ones and old radios with modern ones. This will make the data flow a bit faster. There is also repair work to do.

– I think this is an important job. We provide the means for people communicating with each user using mobile phones and devices. We are the enablers. It would not be a good thing if mobile phones were not to work in an emergency. We are doing important work.

Kempele’s mobile team employs a dozen or so people. Kalle says that they have a great team in Kempele.

– The team functions really well, and everyone is relaxed. Humour has a big role in our team and all sorts of stories are told! Any disagreements between team members are resolved in all friendliness. If you are too tense, things will not work out, he comments tongue in cheek. This is great outdoor work – on a warm summer day, it’s nice to admire the scenery from the mast!