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Data network services


Reliable telecommunications connections


A data network is at its best when you do not notice it. A well-functioning and reliable data network plays an important role in national and business-critical data systems, not forgetting consumer needs.

Our services aim to provide high availability of data networks throughout their life cycle. Our services cover wired networks, cable TV networks, mobile and wireless technologies, and backbone and access networks.

We provide you everything your data network needs – design, construction, and network and equipment maintenance services. Since data systems must operate without interruption, we also offer a 24-hour support service.

By signing a Managed Services Contract with us, you can let us take care of a more extensive package, at best your entire data network with all its services.


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  • Design services

    We design high-quality networks and equipment for our customers, taking into account high availability and low life cycle costs, from fibre, copper and coaxial networks to mobile and transmission networks, and from machine rooms to masts.

    A network designed to be cost-effective and high-quality guarantees long-term availability. To enable careful planning, we conduct a Site Survey and map the current state to understand the needs of the network. We also take care of all necessary permissions and availability data as well as related agreements.

    By measuring the functionality of the network, we maintain the availability and quality of our customer’s network and design necessary improvements. Our documentation services ensure that all information is stored in network information systems and available in a timely manner.


    Our design services:

    • Site Survey and mapping of current state
    • Permissions and availability
    • Logical and physical network design
    • Network coverage
    • Documentation


  • Developer and construction services

    A well-built network has high availability and a long service life. Voimatel’s knowledgeable staff can build a high-quality network anywhere in Finland. The strong expertise of our staff, good local knowledge and excellent project management skills ensure smooth implementation for our customers. At the same time, the value and performance of our customers’ data networks will increase.

    Whether the design concerns a large nationwide project with telecom operators and international equipment suppliers or a small local project, we know how to do it. We have experience of all types of networks from underground and overhead cable networks to mobile and wireless networks, and from machine rooms to masts.

  • Maintenance and repair services

    We’ll be there quickly when you need us. Our knowledgeable staff spread around Finland ensures short response times for maintenance and repair work. This means reliable network availability and, as the end customers continue to enjoy a high-quality service, competitiveness for our customers.

    We maintain our customers’ material and spare equipment stocks in our logistics and spare parts services. We install interfaces and network equipment with expertise and speed. We provide cable display services and quickly locate and repair any faults for all network and equipment technologies.

  • Network and equipment availability services

    We operate, optimise, and monitor our customers’ communications networks and systems 24/7 and ensure their high availability.

    We monitor the operation of our customers’ networks and respond to any network disruptions with the help of our failure monitoring systems. We troubleshoot faults and, where necessary, make changes to the parameter values of network devices. In addition, we coordinate and provide support services for field troubleshooting.

    We provide remote support for our customers and installers, maintaining our customers’ network information systems. We also provide spare parts management and warehousing services for our customers.