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Managed Services

Managed Services – added value for our customers

We are a multiskilled company specialising in electricity and information networks. Managed Services is a service concept that provides our customers with the shortest investment payback period and ensures optimal operation of networks and systems. Our Managed Services can be used for reliable delivery of all or part of our offerings on a turnkey basis. Service agreements customised in cooperation with our customers ensure the availability of their networks and systems, and free up their resources for the development of their own services.


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  • Control room and operation

    Our network monitoring and operation services take care of our customers’ networks and systems 24/7. We deal with the many networks and network elements of our customers on a daily basis. The number of network elements operated by us totals tens of thousands. Our field installers and control room enable us to ensure high network availability and smooth deployment. We also take care of customer service operations for our customers and, where necessary, provide technical customer support on their behalf.

  • Lifecycle services

    We carry out life cycle planning for networks and systems, commission services, take over systems, provide maintenance and modernise technology in a controlled manner. At the end of the life cycle, we carry out a controlled shutdown, including any installed software, and manage backup devices as long as they are needed. We adapt the capacity of our networks and systems to meet the customer’s needs.