Our electricity network business has been transferred to Elvera 1.4.2024.

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We make well-functioning data networks a reality, freeing work and communications from time and space constraints. We ensure the critical networks’ condition and capacity are up to par in an ever-changing world.
We build the information society by producing the most reliable data networks in the world in the most challenging conditions.
We build sustainable connections and operate responsibly, respecting the environment.
We design data network infrastructure that meets the needs of a growing and developing society.

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We design, build, maintain and operate data networks from the archipelago to the fells and from the countryside to the metropolis. We do it to enable connections, services and freedom of life for us all.

We talk about networks. We talk about cables, lines, solutions, smart systems and technology, but we build connections. Connections that support our society. Connections that are saving lives, producing competitiveness, providing work and security, and setting us free from the constraints of a certain time or place. Connections that bring people together. With those connections, we build a robust society. Safely, together.

Voimatel – Sustainable Connections

Get to know us
Arto K. Salmela , Project manager

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Arto K. Salmela, who is better known as “Arttu” at Voimatel, works as a project manager in the Oulu Mobile Team. Arto, who has versatile work experience, manages a team of more than 20 direct employees. In terms of the number of personnel, the team is one of the largest in Voimatel.

– As a project manager, my job is to provide a sense of accomplishment for installers, use my own skills to acquire work orders and ensure continuity of work, as well as to provide support when problems are encountered. I have to make sure that everything is ready for the installers to do their job, Arto summarises his own job description. It’s great to be involved in building high-quality telecom networks for end users in Finland.

– I appreciate the fact that I can decide certain things independently, but that I also get support when I need it. I’m part of a great work community and it’s a pleasure to go to work every Morning.

Voimatel provides opportunities for career advancement for those who have a genuine desire to develop themselves or just to change their place of work. Arto mentions that despite the common rules there is a suitable amount of flexibility.

– We have a strong feeling of working together and even an entrepreneurial spirit, even though our company is a big nationwide enterprise on the Finnish scale. Everyone has a genuine desire to get things done and help others to succeed in their own work. You also have some say in what you do depending on your job description.

– I’m glad to say that I myself have been given more responsibility over the years. I’ve been given more leeway in matters related to customer agreements, such as pricing. I’ve been actively involved in our company’s internal development projects as well as large nationwide development projects for customers, Arto adds.

Arto encourages everyone to boldly engage in work, even if it concerns something they are not quite familiar with. Never mind an occasional mistake. The next time you will know better.

“A person who doesn’t make mistakes doesn’t usually make anything. Tomorrow is another day.” Those are Arto’s mottos. A good team spirit is the starting point of everything, and safety must not be compromised in any situation.

– I really enjoy my work. In my team, there are some awesome personalities, plenty of humour and a really high sense of motivation and commitment. I feel it’s important that my teammates have the courage to tackle different kinds of tasks. When problems occur, we know how to solve them, which is an important skill here in the North, Arto describes the strengths of his team.


145,8 M€ turnover in year 2023
About 800 service professionals
More than 1000 occupational safety observations per year


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