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Wired Network Services

The information network is at its best when it works seamlessly, unnoticed by the society it connects. We create functioning, reliable networks that run without interference.

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Reliable networks connect us

At Voimatel, we understand the critical role that data networks play in supporting national, business-critical, and consumer information systems. We pride ourselves on data network systems that are reliable, highly functioning, and always available—no matter the stage of their lifecycle.

That’s because data networks are central to modern communication infrastructure, providing an efficient and reliable way to transfer information. They keep the world connected. 

Through Voimatel’s Core Network Services, we provide telecommunications service providers with unparalleled expertise and top-quality service in fixed data networks across Finland. We design and build comprehensive network solutions and technologies for the nation’s leading operators and network equipment manufacturers

Our installations are tailored to meet our customers’ needs and environmental conditions, whether that’s underground, aerial, or underwater. Additionally, we document network changes in our customers’ network information systems.

As seasoned experts in the data network industry and trusted partners to our clients, we enable new ways to communicate and work through our dedication to designing, building, and maintaining data networks.

By leveraging advanced technology, we simplify daily tasks and enhance life—one connection at a time.

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Comprehensive internet services, wherever you are in Finland

We are renowned for our ability to seamlessly connect technology and people everywhere. As a national operator, we provide comprehensive Internet services across all technologies throughout the country. Our telecommunications installers’ exceptional technical expertise proves invaluable in network maintenance and complex troubleshooting. To ensure a high level of service, we collaborate with reliable and professional partners and our skilled teams.


Network design services

We design our customers’ data networks and network devices with exceptional quality, ensuring high availability and a long lifecycle for everything from fiber optic, copper, and coaxial networks to mobile and transmission networks, as well as equipment rooms and masts.

Our cost-effective and high-quality network designs guarantee long-term usability. Why? Because we know technology is always changing. That’s why we work with future-proofing in mind. 

To make things as simple as possible for our clients, we also manage all necessary permits, availability information, contracts, and communications with authorities and other stakeholders.

Network maintenance is vital, and we consistently measure network functionality and quality and plan for improvements. Our documentation services ensure that all information is accurately stored in network information systems and readily available whenever needed.

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Information network contracting and construction services

Whether it’s a major national data network project with operators and international equipment suppliers or a small local project, we execute it with the highest level of professionalism. Our expert staff, with years of experience, manage all types of data networks, from fixed networks to mobile and wireless networks, as well as equipment rooms and masts.

Our team’s strong expertise, excellent local knowledge, and outstanding project management skills guarantee our customers receive a high-quality data network and smooth implementation, no matter where they are in Finland.

As a result of our collaboration, our customers’ service capabilities grow, and the value of their production and services is strengthened.


Information network maintenance and upkeep services

We pride ourselves on seamlessly connecting technology and people everywhere. As a national operator, we provide comprehensive internet services across the entire country, utilizing all technologies available.

The exceptional technical expertise of our telecommunications installers is always evident, but especially during network maintenance and complex troubleshooting—something that is inevitable when maintaining data networks.

To maintain our high level of service, we collaborate with reliable and professional partners, alongside our dedicated in-house teams.

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Reliable data networks

At Voimatel, we’re at the forefront of fixed and mobile infrastructure for the telecommunications sector, providing essential services that keep the world connected. Our expertise spans across data network services and managed services, ensuring seamless operation and optimal performance of critical information network infrastructures. With a commitment to reliability, innovation, and comprehensive care, we enable our clients to focus on what they do best while we handle the complexities of data connectivity and network management.