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Mobile Network Services

In today’s world, a data network’s best compliment is its invisibility — seamless, uninterrupted, and always reliable. Our mobile network services are that and more.

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Reliable mobile data networks

With the number of devices relying on mobile networks increasing rapidly, the need for reliable, trusted mobile network capacity is critical.

That’s where we come in. At Voimatel, we’re at the forefront of mobile infrastructure, providing essential services that keep the world connected.

We design, build, operate, and maintain mobile networks (both national and regional private) that not only meet today’s demands but are prepared for tomorrow’s challenges. Our extensive experience covers all wireless technologies, and we operate as trusted experts and professionals for Finland’s leading operators and equipment manufacturers.

With our help, the world becomes more accessible to our customers and all network users—one connection at a time.

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Design services for mobile networks

Our expertise facilitates the vital connections our society relies on, today and in the future. With extensive knowledge of various mobile technologies, high technical proficiency and cost-effective production methods, our services include:

  • Precise device location and status mapping to understand network needs
  • Nationwide network planning and permitting
  • Installations of masts, equipment rooms, and buildings
  • Troubleshooting and network maintenance
  • Documenting information changes
  • All necessary approvals, availability information, and contracts
  • Meticulous documentation in online systems for future reference

Ensuring high network availability is our top priority, making the world more accessible one connection at a time.


Mobile network development and construction

Building a mobile network requires specialized expertise, and our professionals bring diverse skills and extensive experience to every project. We work in all environments, from busy urban areas to remote archipelagos, mountains, residential buildings, and industrial settings.

Years of collaboration with operators and international equipment suppliers ensure we deliver high-quality, long-lasting mobile networks. Together, we build more than networks; we build the future of human connection.

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Mobile maintenance and repair services

Quick response is crucial in network maintenance. We manage material and spare equipment warehouses to provide rapid action when needed. Our skilled local staff across Finland achieves swift response times for maintenance and repairs, delivering reliable usability and competitiveness for our customers’ networks and a strong service experience for all users.


Equipment room and mast services

Maintaining data network equipment rooms is vital for managing IT infrastructure. With years of expertise, we guarantee high efficiency, reliability, and security in our customers’ equipment rooms.

Our services include:

  • Handling permits, inspections, reviews, and maintenance for equipment rooms and masts
  • Preparing investment proposals and managing equipment documentation
  • Updating power equipment, cooling systems, electricity consumption, and backup power in customer information systems
  • Providing development suggestions as needed

Safety is paramount; we conduct thorough inspections and deliver detailed reports on infrastructure condition and repair needs. We also handle surveys and inventory requirements for property and equipment room owners.

Let Voimatel manage your equipment room and mast services and make your network operations more reliable and efficient than ever.

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Bridge top of the sea.


Reliable data networks

At Voimatel, we’re at the forefront of fixed and mobile infrastructure for the telecommunications sector, providing essential services that keep the world connected. Our expertise spans across data network services and managed services, ensuring seamless operation and optimal performance of critical information network infrastructures. With a commitment to reliability, innovation, and comprehensive care, we enable our clients to focus on what they do best while we handle the complexities of data connectivity and network management.