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Managed Services

With a Managed Services Contract, experience the peace of mind that comes from having your entire data network infrastructure expertly managed by Voimatel.

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Seamless, uninterrupted and always reliable

Our commitment lies in designing, building, operating, and maintaining advanced data network infrastructures that not only meet today’s demands but are prepared for tomorrow’s challenges. Offering unparalleled service to critical fixed and wireless/mobile infrastructure partners, we ensure every connection is a stride towards a more interconnected and efficient world.

A custom service agreement with Voimatel Managed Services means we handle the responsibility of network and system availability, allowing you to focus on your other core business areas.

We guarantee a quick return on investment by leveraging our extensive experience and strategic approach to optimize both legacy networks and new technologies. Whether you need a comprehensive service package or a specific solution, let Voimatel Managed Services enhance your network operations, making them more reliable and efficient.

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Optimal operations

We operate, optimize, and monitor telecommunications networks and systems, ensuring 24/7 high availability. Our services include:

  • Continuous network functionality oversight and interruption response
  • Fault isolation and necessary adjustments
  • Coordination and support for field fault repairs
  • Remote support for customers and installers
  • Maintenance of network information systems
  • Management and storage of spare parts


Control room operation and optimisation of information networks

We provide 24/7 network and system management, ensuring high availability through vigilant monitoring and proactive operations.

We collaborate with field installers, equipment manufacturers, and customer network teams during deployments, continuously optimizing performance for maximum capacity. We also manage customer service operations and offer technical support as needed.

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Information networks and systems lifecycle services

We provide expert services for our customers, including lifecycle planning of networks and systems, service deployment, system management, maintenance, and controlled technology modernization. We adjust the capacity of networks and systems to meet the customer’s needs.

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Reliable data networks

At Voimatel, we’re at the forefront of fixed and mobile infrastructure for the telecommunications sector, providing essential services that keep the world connected. Our expertise spans across data network services and managed services, ensuring seamless operation and optimal performance of critical information network infrastructures. With a commitment to reliability, innovation, and comprehensive care, we enable our clients to focus on what they do best while we handle the complexities of data connectivity and network management.